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ALGE Mobile Timing MT1

NEW! Mobile Time MT1 timing device

The future of timekeeping has begun with the Mobile Time MT1 timing device. The limits are being redefined! Forget kilometer-long cables and problems with the range of the radio system. With the MT1, the measuring points can be as far apart as you want.
The accuracy of the GPS synchronization enables multiple MT1 timing devices to be used for timing at different locations (e.g. one MT1 for the start and one MT1 for the finish).

That means a time measurement without annoying cable connections. Large distances between start and finish are possible without any effort. The MT1 has an internal cellular data modem with ab built in SIM card. This SIM card supports practically every provider around the world. No matter if you make an event or training in another country.

You can manage it!

Up to two pulse devices can be used on the MT1 to be connected (e.g. startgates, photocells, manual buttons, etc.).

An internal GPS module ensures the precise synchronization of the time of day. The temperature-compensated quartz is automatically adjusted during operation. This balances out temperature changes and aging of the quartz.

It is also possible to synchronize other timing devices through an impulse. The MT1 can also be used offline. The times can then be transmited to the PC via the USB interface.

Advantages of the Mobile Timing MT1
  • Highly accurate, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator constant recalibration via GPS.
  • Integrated GPS receiver for high-precision synchronization
  • Integrated cellular data modem with built in SIM card
  • Data transfer with worldwide roaming
  • No commitment to a specific cellular provider. Any available cellular network can be used
  • Two timing channels (e.g. for speed measurement)
  • USB socket for data transfer to a PC or for charging the MT1
  • Keyboard for entering the start number
  • Memo function for entering the start number at a later date when the finish line is tight
  • Storage space for up to 7000 times
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery guarantees operation for up to 24 hours
  • Identification by adjustable name
  • Super light, small and handy
  • High-precision synchronization output for other timing device.

  • MT1 Product Brochure
    MT1 Product Brochure