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We welcome the new members of the Vail Resorts, Alterra, and Boyne resort families. Phoenix Sports Technology has established vendor agreements with these and other multi-resort operators.Please let us know how we can help you navigate the new purchasing systems.

Phoenix Sports Technology has been serving the needs of the sports timing community since 1978. We are now Phoenix Sports Technology, LLC.

The umbrella company for Phoenix Sports Technology / ALGE, Pro Timing Solutions / TAG Heuer, and Sports Timing International / Microgate / Lynx.

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We are pleased to take Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Sorry no American Express or debit cards. Call our direct global line at 610.972.5385 and place an order. Real people will answer and guide you through an informed investment.

Phoenix Sports Technology has been serving the needs of the sports timing community since 1978.


Looking for a solution to a timing problem? As a free service to the greater sports-timing community, PST is pleased to offer a standalone online-support facility at Timingguys.com. Chances are you'll find exactly the answers you're looking for here, be it a hardware or software issue (or both!). Use the forum to find solutions to your timing issues or to just Talk Timing with like-minded A-Types. Not yet a member? Join!


     ALGE Teledata TED2

The ALGE TED2 is a modern radio with built in high precision timing device. The TCXOquartz of the TED2 is permanently synchronized via an integrated GPS receiver and the quartz well be permanent re-calibrated. This results in a yet unknown time accuracy.

The radio transmits in the 433 MHz band. The radio frequency and radio power can be set by the operator. This TED2 allows distances of up to 4.5 km to be bridged by radio.

An integrated keyboard in the TED2 allows to enter bibs for at the transmitter and receiver. The timing impulse or the "time stamp" can be transmitted wirelessly from the transmitter TED2-TX to the receiver TED2-RX. The "time stamp" contains the time of day, the timing channel and the bib or alternatively a continuous number.

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     ALGE MT1

The New ALGE MT1 is the new standard in remote timing.
Each device has built in GPS sync and 100,000ths precision.
Two channels for use with photocells, start gates, and pushbuttons.
The concept is to send the bib number with time stamp directly to the alge-results.com website.

Clients can create and manage their own races using this service. The built in global cellular service is prepaid using Timing Points available online as well. The MT-1 can also be used like a TIMY3 connected directly to a PC as a time base. Internal Li-ion battery with USB C cable for charging.

Applications include Hand Timing, MTB downhill, Automotive hill climb , Rally Racing. Click for more info!

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     ALGE SSD1 start door

The New ALGE SSD1 start door is the perfect device for FIS/USSA/ACA dual slalom events for skiing or snowboard events.
FIS homologated until 2031.
Lightweight aluminum construction for ease of transport.
Heavy duty control system the SSD1 - PS power and control case. Visual displays and audio tone for trouble free starts even in howling winds.

Great success with these systems. Used at the 2019 Snowboard World Championships for Parallel Slalom, FIS Nor Am at Alpine Ski Club in Collingwood, Ontario, US Skiing National Championships at Waterville Valley. Our first Snowboarder Cross installation at Gore Mountain ORDA for the 2020 Hole Shot Tour


PST has created a line of custom housings to enhance the new Our new universal photocell & accessory brackets make it much easier it is to setup your timing gear, regardless of who makes it! Our new brackets fits Alge, TAG-Heuer, Microgate Click for more


PST is pleased to announce immediate availability of the Timy 3, the latest addition to the growing family of Alge-Wireless Timing Network (WTN) products. Featuring a variable-output 2.4 Ghz onboard wireless module (10-100mW) , the new Timy 3 can receive Start, Intermediate, or Finish impulses, control a display board, or send data to a remote results PC. Click for more info!


Following on the heels of the release of their recent stand-alone wireless WTN module, PST is pleased to announce that we are now stocking the brand new Alge PR1aW wireless photocell. This all in one solution finally delivers the wireless solution our customers have long been asking for. Click for more


Alge has just introduced their latest high-tech gadget, the WTN (Wireless Timing Network). The highly affordable WTN solution is a multifunction device capable of transmitting both data and impulses up to 350m, and supports up to 5 timing channels. Running at 2.4gHz, this handheld powerhouse is the first in a new line of integrated wireless solutions that already includes a new model of PR1a photocell and will soon include a new Timy2 timer (availability TBC). Click for more



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Sportstiming International
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